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Tag: primitive technology

Primitive Technology: Chimney and pots

[youtube] I installed a fireplace and chimney in the tiled roof hut. This is for for lighting and cooking. Heating is already taken care of by the underfloor heating system. I knocked a hole in the back wall and made it from the same mud used to build the hut. Some left over roof […]

Primitive Technology: Firesticks

[youtube] Making fire sticks primitively from scratch, making a fire using the sticks and making and firing a small pot to test clay from the hut. The species of wood used for the fire sticks is ‘Abroma mollis’. In the hibiscus/cottonwood family (Malvaceae). WordPress: Patreon page: I have no face book page. Beware of […]

Primitive Technology: Charcoal

[youtube] I made a batch of charcoal using the mound method then stored it in baskets for later use. Charcoal is a fuel that burns hotter than the wood it’s made from. This is because the initial energy consuming steps of combustion have taken place while making the charcoal driving off the volatile components […]

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