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Timeline Of Binary Prefixes

1940s 1943-1944 J.W. Tukey coins the word bit as an abbreviation of “binary digit”. 1948 Reference to Tukey’s “bit” is made in a paper by information theorist Claude Shannon. 1950s In the 1950s, “1 kilobit” meant “1000 bits”: “In the ’50s, amazingly enough—and only total coincidence—I actually was given the job of writing the operational […]

Managing the Chinese Challenge

Background China is the fastest growing market in the world today.  Therefore, it represents a huge opportunity for companies that are interested in selling their products in China.  At the same time, it has tremendous natural resources and work force, at some of the lowest costs in the world, providing the Chinese companies a competitive […]

All about disk recovery

Today’s world is filled with eye-catching technologies and the pressure of high-tech bombardments every day everywhere is negligible. No matter what, these technological advancements have given enough relaxation to people in every possible aspect, be it products or services. Furthermore, these technologies are being used rapidly around the globe. In this ever changing world, protecting […]

The birth of Accounting

Accounting has a long history in China. According to historical records, as early Western Zhou era has specialized in the official accounting of income and expenditure of the office finances and taxes – the Secretary will, and the balance of property taken “in months-old will” (count it as a sporadic, the total cost-effective of the […]

Critical Infrastructure Protection Market announces a report on ” Critical Infrastructure Protection Market by Security Technology by Service, by Vertical & by Region – Global Forecast to 2021 “. Middle East and Africa is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period as the region has a wide portfolio of applications across manufacturing and chemical […]

Developing the Accounting Standards and Profession Inside Developing Countries

 The Internet and globalization have extended access to trade all over the world including developing nations as we are connecting more than ever. Information technology allows business transactions internationally and the accounting within different countries faces many challenges due to cultural lags. Developing nations’ aligning with international accounting standards struggle as trade, investments, employees and […]

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