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India will make Air-breathing Hypersonic Cruise vehicles by overcoming all the challenges within a decade from now to use them on military warfare, opined scientists, who attended the one-day work-shop on “Challenges in Air-breathing Hypersonic Technologies” at IIT-Hyderabad here on Saturday. They also said that the scientists would make affordable hypersonic planes by 2050 with which humans could fly from New-work to New Delhi within two hours.

Addressing a one-day work-shop jointly organised by Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad and Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI), Distinguished Scientist, and Director DRDL (Defense Research and Development Labouratory), MSR Prasad, however, opined that there were lot of complexities in realising the dream of making these vehicles, since they had a great challenge of finding the materials that withstand at nearly 1,800 degree celsius temperature. Though the scientists across the world have made some ground breaking steps by demonstrating the Hypersonic vehicles flying them for a few seconds, the DRDL Director said that they had spent of lot of money on them.
The challenge lies in not only finding a material that withstands the high temperatures, but also it must be affordable for making the hypersonic vehicle in military warfare and public transportation,” he opined. Stating that the DMRL (Defense Metallurgical Research Laboratory) and other research labs have been doing some research on this since 15 years, Prasad said that Hypersonic Technologies have always been a niche area delved only by institutions in the world.

The Director of DRDL said that he is very proud since India is one among them. Dr Samir V Kamat, Distinguished Scientist & Director General (Naval Systems and Materials), DRDO, New Delhi, hoped that they will see humans flying across the continents in air-breathing hypersonic vehicles by 2050 since the research being carried out across the globe has got some positive results.


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