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High Demand: Qualifying for IT Project Management Jobs

Whenever handling IT related projects, it is necessary to have an expert in managing the task in order to achieve success in the best time. The demand for project management positions is very competitive and this is because the success of the company is determined by the capacity of the manager in handling the various job aspects and motivating the team not only for success but continuous results.

IT project management jobs are quite difficult. There is a high rate of failure in most IT projects. According tom 2009 reports only 32% of IT related projects have become truly successful. That means there is a shortage of qualified people for the position or the demand to finish is not in line with the business goals. Most of these projects exceeded budgets, were late or did not meet the requirements of the project. In some cases, there is a lack of knowledge in order to push through with the project.

Project failure happens for numerous reasons. Mainly, it involves both human and technological factors. First, it could be due to poor and hurried planning. Second, the time frame to finish the project is unrealistic, pushing the employees to offer nonplus and incompetent results. These are very common factors that can determine the failure of the project. However, there is also another aspect and it is the nature of technology. This can also contribute to the failure of IT projects. This involves the lack of specialized IT experts with skills and experience in project management. Another aspect is the lack of compatible technology as well as the use of malfunctioning computers. Also, some underestimate the complexity of most IT projects and so deep into the project, when the problem arises, they do not cannot address these aspects well due to the lack of knowledge.

As you can see, the demand for IT project management jobs is very high. It is necessary to find experts who are not only well versed about the unique aspects of information technology but also a balance of business and management skills in order to implement the project to success. It is not enough to have a degree in business and computer related topics. Specialized training should also be undertaken since these are programs designed to provide real world problems to aspiring project managers to address issues and risks that could occur.

It is necessary to have the skills and tenacity as well as competence to manage people and to find experts who can lead the project to success. It is also crucial to identify weak points and address them to effectively handle the project to success.

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